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Exam Invigilation (Proctoring)

We offer exam invigilation/proctoring services at the library.


  • Library members: $15 per exam
  • Non-members: $40 per exam
  • If you need to cancel your exam or move it to another date you would still owe the price of the invigilation, plus another fee for an additional invigilation date.

What we offer:

  • We can accommodate both written and online exams.
  • Exams will not have a private room. Ear plugs are available upon request.
  • We do not have the staff or facilities to accommodate every type of exam. Check your school’s invigilation policy and contact us with any questions.
  • We are open from Tuesday to Saturday, but exam scheduling will be dependent on staff and room availability. The only time slot available currently is 1:00-4:00 pm.

Students’ Responsibilities:

  • You must make arrangements with your school and with us prior to writing the exam.
  • Please give us two weeks of notice so we can appropriately schedule you and have time to receive your exam information.
  • Contact us regarding scheduling queries and changes. The rescheduling fee is the cost of the invigilation.
  • You must have photo I.D. on you to be able to write an exam.
  • We attempt to be a scent-free facility when possible, so please take that into consideration on the day of your exam.