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Transferring eBooks to an eReader (Kobo, Nook or other compatible device)

Check the compatibility of your eReader to ensure it’ll work with eLibraries Manitoba. Watch a video about how to transfer eBooks.

  1. Make sure you’ve downloaded Adobe Digital Editions to your computer.
  2. Authorize Your eReader:
    1. Skip to Step 3 if you’ve already authorized your reader with your computer.
    2. Connect your device to your computer.
    3. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
    4. Follow any instructions on your eReader’s screen that say “Manage” or “Connect.”
    5. Once your device is recognized, it should show up as an icon in the left-hand panel of Adobe Digital Editions in “Read” view.
  3. To copy a book to your eReader using Adobe Digital Editions, select the title and right click and copy to device, or drag and drop the eBook onto the device icon.

*Please note that the eBook collection is hosted on a Third Party website with its own set of privacy policies.

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