Providence Public Lecture Series 2020 – Cancelled

Updated 2020/03/16

2020/03/17 @ 19:00 – 20:30
Jake Epp Library, Multi-purpose Room
255 Elmdale Street
Madison Redekopp

Kingdoms in Conflict: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Rise of the Third Reich

Presentation by: Robert J. Dean (ThD, Wycliffe College and the University of Toronto) is the author of several books, the most recent being a collaboration with Stanley Hauerwas entitled, Minding the Web: Making Theological Connections (Cascade, 2018). His writing has traversed the fields of systematic theology, theological ethics, pastoral theology, homiletics, worship and liturgy, and missional leadership.

The 2020 Providence Public Lectures will demonstrate the impressive range of expertise among Providence faculty, whose topics will include politics, theology, morality, history, psychiatry, worship, and social construction. Presenting in Winnipeg and Steinbach, Providence professors are excited to bring their scholarship into the public square. Attendees can expect to be intellectually stimulated, perhaps challenged, and to come away with a new appreciation for Christian higher education.

All lectures are free to attend – no registration required.

Lecture Synopsis: Dietrich Bonhoeffer is often named as one of the most significant and influential Christians of the twentieth century.  His all-too-brief life came to a harsh end on Nazi gallows just before the conclusion of the Second World War.  Today he is admired and celebrated by Christians around the world.  Nevertheless, many who claim Bonhoeffer as a hero or inspiration often have little more than passing familiarity with some of the most basic details of his life.  This lecture will explore how Bonhoeffer’s theological convictions and Christ-centered imagination drew him into conflict with the emerging Nazi regime, sustained him in the struggle, and are suggestive, even instructive, for faithful Christian witness today.