Providence Public Lecture Series 2020

Updated 2020/01/23

2020/03/10 @ 19:00 – 20:30
Jake Epp Library, Multi-purpose Room
255 Elmdale St
Madison Redekopp

Cutting Edge? Psychosurgery in Manitoba

Presentation by: Brianne M. Collins (PhD, University of Calgary) specializes in the history of psychology and psychiatry, and has spent the past decade exploring the history of psychosurgery in Canada and internationally.

The 2020 Providence Public Lectures will demonstrate the impressive range of expertise among Providence faculty, whose topics will include politics, theology, morality, history, psychiatry, worship, and social construction. Presenting in Winnipeg and Steinbach, Providence professors are excited to bring their scholarship into the public square. Attendees can expect to be intellectually stimulated, perhaps challenged, and to come away with a new appreciation for Christian higher education.

All lectures are free to attend – no registration required.

Lecture Synopsis: Psychosurgery was once considered to be among psychiatry’s most cutting edge treatments. In the 1940s and 1950s, it was typically prescribed as a last resort for patients diagnosed with severe mental disorders who had been long-time residents at provincial and federal mental institutions. Although these surgeries (more commonly known as lobotomies) were performed in Eastern Canada and in more than 40 countries worldwide, little was known about their use in Western Canada until recently. Drawing on new research, this lecture explores how and why psychosurgery was initially adopted, as well as the scope of its use in Manitoba at both the Brandon and Selkirk Hospitals for Mental Diseases.