Providence Public Lecture Series 2020

Updated 2020/01/23

2020/02/18 @ 19:00 – 20:30
Jake Epp Library, Multi-purpose Room
255 Elmdale Street
Madison Redekopp

‘Living According to the Lord’s Day:’ The Formative Role of Worship in Early Christianity

Presentation by: Joshua Coutts (PhD, University of Edinburgh, Scotland) is the author of several scholarly articles, as well as The Divine Name in the Gospel of John (Mohr Siebeck, 2017).

The 2020 Providence Public Lectures will demonstrate the impressive range of expertise among Providence faculty, whose topics will include politics, theology, morality, history, psychiatry, worship, and social construction. Presenting in Winnipeg and Steinbach, Providence professors are excited to bring their scholarship into the public square. Attendees can expect to be intellectually stimulated, perhaps challenged, and to come away with a new appreciation for Christian higher education.

All lectures are free to attend – no registration required.

Lecture Synopsis: The worship practices of the earliest Christians reflect their convictions about Jesus and his relationship to God, but they took a variety of forms and in turn shaped the earliest Christian communities. Ignatius, the second century bishop of Antioch, was not alone in his call for Christians to align their lives with the grain of their worship, or as he put it, to “live according to the Lord’s day.” This lecture will outline the various worship practices of early Christians and explore the ways in which these moulded faithful Jesus followers, as well as some implications for Christian worship today.