Public Resources

Room Rentals

Classroom - accommodates 20-30 people
Fee: $75.00

Multi-Purpose Room - accommodates 30-40 people
Fee: $125.00

Both rooms have a counter and sink.

Others Resources that may be available by request:

  • Tables and chairs
  • Coffee maker
  • Rolling White Board / Peg Board
  • Podium

Please contact the Library to request room availability. A rental form must be filled out.

There is no charge for non-profit groups.


We will laminate for the public.
We cannot guarantee same day service.
Cost is $2.50 per square foot.

Disc Repair

For CDs/DVDs with small scratches the library has a machine that will buff discs and repair scratches. Deep scratches and cracked discs cannot be repaired.

The Disc Repair Waiver form states:

I understand the repair of my CD/DVDs may not be possible. I agree to be responsible for the fee of $2.00 per disc ($4.00 for double-sided). All fees must be paid in advance. The Library is NOT responsible for damages that may occur during the repair process. ID is required upon pick up. I understand that upon completion of repairs, I have 30 days to pick up my disc(s) after which the disc(s) become the property of the Library to dispose of at its discretion.


Jake Epp Library holds the complete back issues of The Carillon. For items more than about 10 years old, they are available on microfilm. We have a microfilm reader available to the public for perusal of these back issues. Printing is available is black and while only at $.35 per page. Print quality is dependent on the quality of the microfilm photo.

Newspaper Archives

Through one of our local computers, we offer access to Not only does it have most of the Carillon in digital form, it has over 2 billion articles available from around the world. Come browse, see what you can discover. Printing is available at a cost of $.35 for letter size or $.45 for legal size.

Battery Recycle

A collection box for batteries and old cell phones is located in the Library. Bags are provided to insert items and then place them in the box. These items will be delivered to an appropriate recycle depot.


Photcopy services are available for the public.

Cost of photocopying
Black and white
  • letter
    • one sided - $0.20
    • double sided - $0.40
  • legal
    • one sided - $0.25
    • double sided - $0.50
  • letter - $0.75 per side
  • legal - $0.80 per side