Author Readings

Author readings aredesigned to allow you to meet and listen to authors as they read from their books. It is always interesting to listen and then have an opportunity to ask them questions.

The Library presents local authors at least several times a year, and provides our community with an opportunity to support their efforts.

Craft Classes

Do you enjoy a variety of crafts and like to learn new ones? Check our Upcoming Events to see what we have on offer. From knitting scarves to creating scrapbook pages to designing jewelry, we have lots of fun stuff to try.


Or NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth

November is the month for all aspiring authors to join in this event and receive encouragement from others who are on the same road to authorship. We provide tips from published authors, several Write-In dates to provide a place for focusing on writing. And a party at the end to celebrate your achievement!

Keep checking our Upcoming Events.

Book Club

Do you want a place to meet and discuss books? We've had a book club offered for awhile, but it's been full for quite some time, so we've decided to offer a drop in book club! Hosted the second Tuesday of every month at the library at 7 p.m., we'll post the book we'll be discussing that month and if you'd like to join us youc an stop by. If you want to start your own book club instead, you can always take advantage of our Book Club collections, where we have multiple copies of the same book as well as discussion questions. If you're interested in knowing what we offer, click here to access our Book Club Selections.

Games Day/Night

This event is open to anyone over the age of 14. We supply some games, but many bring their own favourites to play. It is offered the first Saturday afternoon of every month and the third Wednesday evening of every month.

Creativi-Tea Time

An adult only colouring session, we supply the basics including pages, coloured pencils, and tea, or you can bring your favourites. Come relax and meet new people, it's the second Wednesday evening of every month.


An adult oriented knitting/crocheting/etc. club, where you can bring your current project and work on it in while enjoying the company of others. It is hosted on the fourth Monday evening of the month.

Other Events

There are other events that take place here also and we encourage you to regularly check the Upcoming Events to view all the details.